Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Patchwork Embroidery Hoop

I'm having a lot of fun with my embroidery hoops!
I love doing the embroidery, but this was also fun to do a little patchwork display to put inside.

I almost have enough to decorate the toy room wall, but not quite, so there will be other fun embroidery hoop arts on the way.

I was surprised how quickly I was able to put this one together (much quicker than actually doing embroidery in that hoop). :)

I cut out the squares while watching a show one evening with my hubby, then put it together during some "quiet time" one afternoon.

First, I sewed the squares together into strips and arranged them how I wanted them as shown below. 


Secondly, I sewed these strips together to make one flat piece of fabric. Then I ironed it smooth and flat. 

Then, I placed them in the embroidery hoop and was finished. Easy peasy. 

There is something so simple and sweet, so homey and playful about patchwork. I think it is perfect displayed in the circular embroidery hoops!

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