Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Wood Blocks dyed with Rit Dye

I think many parents would agree: You can never have too many blocks--not too many in number nor too many in kinds and varieties. 
Lucky for me, my husband loves working with wood so he made a beautiful set of blocks for our kids last Christmas.

They have been used over and over again in so many ways. 

Here's a day where we made car routes:

The favorite way to play with them seems to be in making castles for their unicorns and Pegasuses, although horse stables and stuffed animals homes are a close second and third. 

Such a valuable toy that we all love!

We decided to make four sets, each a different color. Each set had the following pieces:

Here are the four sets before we dyed them. 

Remember our magic wands that we dyed with Rit Dye?  

Well, that is exactly how we achieved these fun colors for the blocks. 
We used old yogurt containers to dilute the Rit Dye 4:1, water:dye. (We used 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of dye, which was a little overboard.)

Then we dipped each raw-wood block into the dye.

And protected our hands with plastic bags. :)

 And voila--they turned out great! Even now, a full 10 months after they received them, we play with them. Perhaps only twice a month, but that twice a month tends to be an all-day thing. Worth the effort for sure.

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