Friday, October 3, 2014

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Lisa has done it again.
She's created something amazing that we get to share with you.
This time, its not something you'll have to make yourself though. Which lets admit, can be a fabulous thing, especially with these holodays sneeking up on us!

Check out these one of a kind Christmas Ornaments. Fun, Stylish, and Festive. These are great to add a little sparkle to your tree, a teacher gift from your kids favorite teacher, or neighbor gift to spread a little cheer. I happen to think they'd be adorable tied to the top of a perfectly wrapped present. 

Aren't they so FUN!!!

And of course she's made several different sets, so you have lots of options.

Although, that does make deciding a bit harder.

Did I mention that they're super affordable?

Or that you can request a custom order?

The backs are even finished with a glittery felt, so they look nice and neat.

Head on over to our Etsy Shop and check them out!!! 

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