Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Flower Cottage Embroidery Hoop Project

 And now for my all time favorite embroidery projects: 
The Flower Cottage!
Too cute!

I found this pattern by Ellison Lane and loved it!
I decided to just wing it and not purchase and use the pattern (I'm quite lazy about following patterns), and as you can see, mine is a little lop-sided and not nearly so cute and symmetrical as hers. Oh well. I don't mind. 

It was such a fun project though--there were so many different embroidery stitches to use.

I think my favorite part is this great big pink and orange flower with the french knot center. So cute! Of course, the little girl peaking out the window is great too. I almost didn't put her in, but alas, the house looked lonely and empty without her.

Such a colorful little cottage. 
And now this is my last's time to put everything up on the wall!


 It feels a bit sad to be finished with my embroidery projects. Embroidery has appealed to me for a long time, but now that I have done it, I love it! There is something so fulfilling about picking out the colored threads and watching them transform a plain white piece of fabric. Each stitch adds more color and more shape to your image. I love it! I love how each stitch also adds so much bold color to it. I suppose if you use more subtle colors, that would not be the case, but either way, I like watching my images take form with each stitch I make. And I really like how there are so many different stitches to do. 

Hmmm, seems like I will have to think of something new to embroider. :)


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