Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Dress-up Organizer

 With three little girls, the dress-ups was bound to get out-of-control, right? I'd been through several different organizational set-ups but last year for Christmas, it was time to pull out all the stops and get it done. 
I knew what I wanted--something with a rod to hang up all the dresses and mermaid tails and tutus and such, and I wanted storage on the bottom for shoes, hats, doctor kits, jewelry, purses, etc. 

A quick google search gave us what we were looking for. Jess at Craftiness is not an Option came up with these great plans for building your own. Her tutorial is actually guest-posted on Ana White.

Strait-up and easy to follow, my husband had this put together in about an hour. Painting took a little more time due to the need of two coats and my last minute flourishes, but overall I couldn't believe how simple and quick it was to put together.

And look how much stuff it organizes!!!

Yay! I don't think I'm exagerating when I say how completely wonderful this has been. When we first had it, my 3-year-old couldn't really hang things up very well on her own, but now after a year of practicing, she is a pro and it stays fairly-well organized. When we clean up the toy room I can just tell them to organize the jewelry and hang things up and it's done. I love it. 

 Plus, there is no need to tear things apart looking for what they want. The girls can clearly see the dress-up clothes they want and pull them out easily.


 If you have a lot of dress-ups at your house, then I highly recommend this easy DIY project. :)

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