Sunday, November 16, 2014

Herminone's Cable and Eyelet Hat

One look in our coat closet and it becomes pretty obvious that I love to make hats. It's kind of ridiculous how many hats my kids have actually.
Well, I didn't have any hats! (unless you count my Where's Waldo hat from Halloween, which I don't.) So, I decided to knit something for myself. 
I combed through Ralvery and decided on Herminone's Cable and Eyelet Hat. I thought it was the perfect combination of beautiful, feminine, and warm. Thanks Jackie for figuring it out and for sharing it!

I love the top! Isn't it pretty how it comes together?

I followed the pattern exactly but added an extra cable twist so that it would be longer--4 twists rather than 3--as she suggested for adults. I knit on the loose side, so I stuck with the size 5 needles, and I think it fits my head perfectly. 

Yay! now I have a winter hat. 
I'm so bad about keeping my yarn information, and I know I have owned this particular yarn for over a year. That being said, I think that it is Mary Maxim Woodland yarn--or very similar too it at least. 

And thanks to my 7-year-old for taking pictures. :) 
Hope your ears are cozy this winter!

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