Monday, December 22, 2014

Reversible Pallet Sign--Christmas and Halloween in one!

Personally, I think I hit the jackpot with this idea. :) 
I had seen lots of pallet signs out there (who hasn't?), and I knew I wanted one for my front porch, but I just couldn't decide: Christmas or Halloween? Well, then I decided to do both, then I REALLY decided to do both on the same side--Christmas on one side and Halloween on the other. :)

So, here's my 'Joy' Christmas version.

And here is the 'Boo' Halloween version:


During the month of October I decorated my front porch with all those fun pumpkins (thanks to my mom's pumpkin patch) and the Boo pallet sign.

Then, for Thanksgiving I removed the sign and just kept the pumpkins out. 

Then, for Christmas, I turned the sign around to display the 'Joy' and replaced the pumpkins with some tree branches and red lights. 

AND I only have one honkin' pallet sign I have to deal with storing. :) 

It was a snap to make too. 
1) My hubby cut the end off of a pallet with a "sawsall" (basically a jigsaw). 
2) My father-in-law cut out the letters with a scroll saw. 
3) My kids painted the letters for me--the Christmas one red and the Halloween one black.
(Are you noticing I have yet to do any work for this sign?)
4) Then I finally did something and hammered the letters on with tiny little nails and painted over them with the appropriate color.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll make a 'Lucky' and 'Easter' reversible sign too???


  1. Joy looks so good with the snow falling!

    1. I was so happy when it was snowing, and I could get that shot. :)


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