Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Art Activity for Kids: Watercolor Animal Silhouettes

My kids and I did this fun art activity the other day with some friends. 
We made watercolor animal silhouettes.

 Each child picked an animal and then us moms printed it and cut it out for them. We discovered that the activity worked better for the kids if the animals were printed on cardstock. 

We really wished we had some rubber cement to adhere the animal silhouettes to the watercolor paper, but we didn't so we just used lots of tape and it worked fine. 

Then we just let the kids go! They seemed to enjoy the painting, and it was an activity that allowed for a lot of freedom and success.

I was so impressed how each child without any discussion or suggestion did it so differently. We had horizontal stripes, frames that started from the outside and worked in, outlines, radiating brush strokes, and for the little 2-year-olds just random splashes of color. So fun to see the individuality!

watercolor paper
watercolor paints
paint brushes
animal silhouettes printed and cut out on cardstock
rubber cement or in a pinch, tape

How to
adhere the silhouettes to the paper
provide brief instruction on how to use watercolor paints if necessary
let the kids create!


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