Monday, January 26, 2015

Body Outline Block Activity with Kids

What fun this was!
Block outlines of our body.

We were playing with blocks the other morning and came up with fun activity. 
It's perfect for the foggy cold mornings we've been having (well, when we're not out in it taking pictures of the fog at least). 

With this little active 2-year-old it was a bit of a struggle to get her to hold still--I can't believe she laid there long enough to make an out line of her body let alone for me to get a picture of it! 

We decided it needed a face. :)

This "running girl" pose was a bit trickier but it was fun too. 

Just one of the thousands of ways to use blocks when playing with kids. I've heard it said many times that blocks are the best toys a kid could have. Now after 3 children of my own, several sets of blocks, and hours and hours spent playing with them in more ways than I can count, I agree: blocks are the best. 

Give these body outlines a try sometime with you kids--if you can just get them to hold still long enough (you have to be fast!) then they will be delighted with the results. They even made a body outline of me. :)

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  1. How easily they make it nicely. I love that. Such kids are make good and well in our life. I read such treats at Easter Outlines and they were also gives it. Thanks.


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