Thursday, February 19, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Treat: Striped Green Jello

I am getting a real thing for striped Jello!

I made these last year for St. Patrick's Day and thought I'd share them with you now!

Making striped Jello is crazy easy and a real fun surprise. 

For these, I just used the same recipe I do for rainbow Jello, but mixed it up by using only greens. I added some of the white layer into some of the green for a light opaque green, then I used white grape juice and gelatin for a clear-ish layer, then I also mixed in some blue to some of the green for a dark turquoisy-green. (Go easy with the blue! I just threw out most of what was left of it.) And, of course nice good ol' green jello. 

I also made a blue and pink batch for my daughter's cowgirl party that was fun:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Toilet Paper Tube Engineering Activity for Kids

Now you might look at this and think, "What in the world?!!!"

But let me tell you, it was FUN, educational and crazy easy to set up and then tear down. :) 
Yeah, but WHAT is it???

Well, you take a ball and make a track for it with toilet paper tubes!

 We thought it was fun to make gaps in our track--it increased the challenge and it was fun to see it soar from place to place. It was fun to watch my kids giggle and squeal and also learn little feats of engineering as they modified the track to make it work.

The extra fun part was how we made two beginnings that converged together towards the end. You can see it at the bottom of this next image.

So fun for all ages!

I think we have the worlds' most well-loved toilet paper tubes. For real! We just keep a ton of them for random activities like this. 

My kids always think they are crazy-fun to paint and decorate. 

And we've made monsters from the tubes:
 Who knew toilet paper tubes could be so fun and so educational. :)


Thursday, February 12, 2015

You Rock! Classroom Valentine's

Anyone who knows my four-year-old well, would know that she would want to do this Valentine for her classmates. :)
Any opportunity to paint anything is golden and for some reason, rocks are just extra cool to paint!

I showed her my top-picks for classroom valentine's this year and she went right for this one. :)

Thanks to Lisa at Little Lovables for the cute idea!

Here is what her version looked like:

 Super cute. But, as you can tell from our version, my daughter wanted to paint the WHOLE rock and we simplified the face. (She's four!)

Word to the wise, if you do this our way, it took hours for her to paint her rocks. Which she was cool with. Just sayin'. Plan ahead!

And as always, Emily made me some great printables to go with!
Just click the links to access and print.

She made pink for girls:

And she made blue for boys:

Annnnnd mine look like a rainbow because my printer ran out of ink. Thank heavens it still worked out. :)

Hope your Valentine's rocks! 
:) Ha! sorry, I couldn't help myself.