Monday, February 2, 2015

How to make yarn pom poms

Let's just get one thing strait--I love yarn. Like, a lot. 
I love how it feels so warm and cozy, I love how it comes in millions of colors and shapes and sizes, and I love that you can use it for pretty much every craft imaginable. 

With this in mind, then this post was bound to happen sooner or later. 
Today I am going to share with you one of the greatest short-cuts ever! At least it's the greatest if you are into making lots of your own pom poms as I am. :) 
Because I love yarn!

I have such a fun plan for all these pom poms! 

We're gearing up for a big move to our forever house this spring. I'm so excited! 
Top priority is decorating my girls' rooms because 1) I want them to be excited about the move and their new home and rooms, and 2) because it is fun and easy. The rest of the house seems more daunting to me, but kids' rooms are just fun--colorful and they make most of the choices so I just get to enjoy the process.

I had each of my kids tell me what they wanted (I tried to do it individually so they wouldn't bias each other) and then I scoured the web for what I thought were representative images of similar rooms. Then I went through each set of pictures with each kid and narrow it down (well, I didn't really do this for my 2-year-old. She just said, "purple!" and that's the extend to which I have asked her opinion.) :)
My oldest saw these images and LOVED the idea of a pom pom garland in her room.


@IKEA USA Bookcases Turned into Reading Nook - so clever, easy and afforable! #nursery #readingnook

Adairs Kids Emily Quilt Cover Set, Kids bedroom accessories, Kids bedlinen from Adairs 
from Adairs

Naturally (because, remember, I love yarn!) I was all for this idea. I liked the idea so much in fact that I am making pom pom garlands for all 3 of their rooms!

And (because, remember, I love yarn!) I had all but 2 of the yarns already on hand. Yay! stash buster. :)

As I embarked on this pom-pom-making mania, I remembered seeing from perhaps years ago this brilliant way to make a lot of even pom poms at once--use the legs of a chair, so that's what we did.

Just wind the yarn around and around lots of times then tie it off (really tight!) in sections as shown above.

Then cut as shown below:

 Give each pom pom a little trim, hardly any usually, and voila! pom poms!

 This large pile of pom poms represents about 1/3 of the total colors and finished pom poms I'm in the process of making. It'll be fun to show you the finished pom pom garlands when we get the rooms decorated!

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