Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crochet Floor Poufs

I've been eyeing floor poufs for a loooong time.
And for good reason--they are so cute! They can be useful foot rests for any room in your house, or in my case, they can be great little poufy chairs for your kids.

I realized the other day that I've never posted these floor poufs--they were gifts for my kids at Christmas time. I made one and my girls' great grandma made two of them! It was a great project for us to do together--I know only a little about crochet and she's and expert, so I was pleased that she wanted to help. Plus, lets be honest, I knew I wouldn't be able to get all three finished before Christmas, so hurray for grandmas! 

I thought for a long time about what pattern to do, whether to make them each different, etc. 
In the end I decided on this simple pattern from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

 I liked how it was simple and had clean lines. Since I am new to crocheting, I also liked that there were only two stitches involved! :) easy peasy.

These floor poufs are stuffed with poly-fil and old clothes! :)  I had a stack of old knit tees and such that I decided to stuff into the middle with the poly-fil, which worked great and was a great re-cycle.

I decided to also sew a quick liner for the poufs--I just bought random white stretchy knit fabric one the clearance rack and whipped out some (not-very pretty but functional) liners. I'm glad I did--I think I'd have fluff coming out for years to come otherwise!

I've recently been turned on to shopping for yarn online, and that's what I did for these poufs as well--I found a great deal in colors that I thought my girls would like. Each pouf takes about 5 skeins of bulky yarn, so it can be quite the spendy project to make 3, but huray for bargain shopping! 

I've mentioned off and on lately that we are preparing for a move, so even these were part of the plan. They currently live in the "toy room," but when we move, the colors will match each of the girls' bedrooms. 
  • yellow for my middle's soft yellow, pink, blue and green room
  • baby pink for my youngest's lavender and baby pink room
  • "watermelon" for my oldest white with super brights room

 It was a fun project and the results are just what I wanted.
And I knew the girls would like them, but I didn't realize how much they would like them. 

They pack them around everywhere. 
Sit on them to read.
Lay on them.
Use them for a soft landing when jumping or rolling off of furniture.
Use them for obstacles in an obstacle course.
Put them in a line and pretend they are lily pads as they jump from pad to pad.

And these are only the things I've actually noticed. :)


Thanks grandma for showing me how and helping me to make these!
I can't wait for their rooms to be done...they'll be so cute!

Here's another project we've done in preparation for their new rooms: pom pom garlands!

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