Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Kids Craft

 Here is a fun and cute kids craft to do this Spring and Easter season. 
My kids enjoyed doing something a little different--getting to use scissors and glue and mom's pretty paper. :)

Here's what you do!

1. Get lots of strips of paper of various widths. 

 2. Draw the shape of an egg on 2 pieces of white copy paper--trace them so they are the same.

3. Start gluing your strips of paper onto and over one of the egg shapes as shown below. 

 4. Now, cut out the egg shape from the other white paper. I started from the middle to preserve a nice edge since this will be the frame.

5. Now, when you have all your strips glued over the first egg, glue the frame on top as shown in the follow two pictures. 

6. Now, trim off any papers that need it, hang it up and enjoy. :)

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