Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unicorn Birthday and FREE printable unicorn invitations

 Hooray for little girls, pink unicorns and their endless love of imagination and beauty! 

Emily and I have little girls. 
This month she had one who turned four and I had one who turned five. 
And they BOTH wanted pink unicorn parties. 
Great minds, right?

And it is particularly fun, because these two little girls couldn't live much further from each other--they just came up with these ideas on their own. 

Soooo, of course Emily had to make us a great invitation. My daughter literally let out a breathless sigh when she saw it. 

Click here to print it.

For my daughter's party, we made unicorn horns for all the kids to wear. 
I bought sparkly cardstock at Walmart and rolled it into cone shapes, glued it with hot glue, and attached curly ribbon to it.
It was a huge success. The kids looked SO CRAZY CUTE all running around like unicorns. I also made little curly ribbon tails for them to parade around in.
For the few boys that were there, I made sure to make silver or black horns and "manly" looking tails.

She loved this sparkly purple necklace. :)

My daughter wanted a "rectangle cake with real toy unicorns and a rainbow." 
I tried to deliver. I think it has a particular part of hideous frilliness that is perfect for a little girl. Again, she was breathless and loved the "cloudy" look to it. I used 7-minute frosting; it is like meringue.

Now that cake as OK,
but check out this AMAZING cake Emily made her little girl. :)

So great, right?! I can't help but smile when I see it.

Again, thank heavens for little girls. :)

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