Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We are now officially Bee Keepers!

 Well, we've talked about having bees for years, and this season everything just fell into our laps and we knew it was time. Well, mostly we are finally settling in and can do all these fun things we have thought of over the years. :) 
Such a fun day!

Well, really, it started earlier in the week with us assembling lots and lots of bee boxes. And even more frames. Wow that took a lot of time! But we did it. Then we painted them, then we bought some bee supplies and then we were ready to go!

When the big day arrived, we donned our bee suits. Guess which daughter is MOST excited for bees? Our biggest honey-lover of course. ;)

So many bees! We bought 8 lbs of bees--about 20,000 of them!

Isn't it interesting how they all mass together like that?

Well, first thing first: the queen.
Here she is in her special queen cage. Don't want to loose her!

 These next few shots show the queen bee in her box with attending bees--the ones that will feed her and take care of her. Since she is vital, it is too risky to let her out in case she flies away. So there is a super high-tech way of doing it: take the cork out that is stoppering up the entrance to her cage and quickly replace it with a mini marshmallow. Then, when she is placed into the hive, she will secrete her pheromones and the other bees will get used to her. Her attendants will eventually eat their way through the marshmallow, thereby releasing her. In the few days that this will take, the rest of the bees will usually have accepted her as their ruling queen. :)

Next, dump in the bees! Literally.
Take the lid off and dump them into the hive. 



Put the lids on, put out some sugary syrup water and away they go making cells to lay their eggs in and start making some honey! 
And now we have bees!
Such a fun day and we are excited for this next adventure.

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