Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New house, new way to water

Well, I've mentioned a lot lately about how we were buying a new house and working on it--getting the girls' rooms ready, (here and here) etc. (more on that later!)

Well, this post isn't about all the fun decorating and house projects we've been up to--it's about watering our yard. Sounds kind of boring, right? Well, I thought it was seriously fun and so did my kids! 

This new house has some pastures and we get to water the pastures by flood irrigating! Talk about fun day--the kids got on their water shoes and stomped and splashed around all.day.long. 


We even met some new neighbor friends and had them over to play too.

Here is the irrigation gate. 
Bright and early (like 6 AM) in the morning I headed out there and started turning the wheel. It was everything a beautiful summer morning should be--warm yet crisp and fresh. I had to climb over the pasture fence and start cranking the wheel. As the gate lifted higher and higher, you could hear this great gurgling noise as the water rushed into our small irrigation ditch which overflows into our pasture land.

So fun and so satisfying. ;) 

There were even some wild roses to add to the beauty of the experience. :)

Maybe the glamor will wear off someday, but for now, I am so happy to be in our new house. I love the house and I love the land.
And, I love watering it. :)

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