Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rhubarb-Filled Cookies

Yay! Another delicious rhubarb recipe!

Rhubarb-filled cookies.

If you are a regular over here at Everyday Art, then you are probably starting to notice that I really like rhubarb! I really like it, and I have a plethora of it, so I am always having fun trying out new recipes with it. 

These cookies were SO soft...maybe a bit too soft honestly--you'd want to make sure and cook them completely and then not store them in a sealed container or they'd just go mushy. 

BUT if you did fully cook, even slightly over cook them, then they were fabulous. So soft and delicate--really rich, eggy, buttery dough, with a nice tangy rhubarb kick! 

Too fun. We made a BIG batch and shared it with neighbors in our new neighborhood. Gotta share the love, right?

I got the recipe from Taste of Home. 

Here is the recipe link.

Hope you enjoy some rhubarb-filled cookies!

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