Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Mouth!

This is what I call "summer mouth!"

Guess what we did today!?

Don't you love how once summer hits tons of "Icee Shacks" pop up all over the place? I love it because it is such a symbol of summer. I can't imagine a summer without one--the one by the pool, the cute one with the tiki torches--they are all great. My favorite one though is the one around the corner from my mom's place. It's been there for ages--ever since I was a kid. I remember going to it when I was young, and now it is still my favorite one to take my girls to.
It's dusty and dirty, the picnic tables (a recent addition) are typically splattered with sticky bright-colored splotches and its loud with all the kids running around, the ice shaver running full tilt. But despite all these seeming imperfections, it is perfect--perfectly summer. 

This particular trip my 5-year-old wanted to be pulled down in a wagon full of bubble water. ;) So that's what we did. Why not?

What's your favorite Icee flavor???

Mine has been and probably always will be Pink Lemon Sour!

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