Monday, July 6, 2015

The pond

 I mentioned a while ago that we irrigate our pastures and that it has been lots of fun.

Well, there is yet another fun part of irrigating--the drainage pond!
Long before we lived in this house, the overflow of the irrigating would drain into the fields out behind us. Now there are houses there, so a berm was built and now the water collects into a pond.
A very lovely (very fun) pond.

Last time we irrigated, I took these pictures right as the sun was setting. I loved how some of the leaves and branches were lit by the warm sunlight, while the sun had already set for other leaves. 

So peaceful and calm. 

It wasn't always this way--my kids have an absolute blast paying in it all day long. It's just deep enough to really splash and have a wild, wet time!

Fun and beautiful on every level. :)

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