Friday, August 28, 2015

Grandma's Garden

Every year my mom plants a wonderful vegetable garden. It is large enough to stock several families with veggies!!! We have especially enjoyed it this year since our new home doesn't have a garden spot (yet). 

It is also loads of fun because most of it is dedicated to a wonderful pumpkin patch!

The other evening when we were out harvesting some produce, I brought my camera along and enjoyed taking some pictures of the garden.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Grizzly River Run Cake and Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to my oldest!
She is now 8-years-old!

As tradition, I let her pick out her birthday theme/cake design and she came up with one I hadn't expected: She wanted a Grizzly River Run Cake from California Adventures! (It was her favorite ride.) 

Well, my mind immediately went back to all the motor-cross cakes my mom made for my younger brother, and I knew that it would turn out pretty fun (not pretty, but fun for sure!). 

Like I said, not pretty, but way fun!

The day we bought the supplies for the Grizzly River Run cake was for sure my kids' happiest shopping trip ever. We scoured the bulk bins for anything that would look remotely like rocks or trees, shrubs or flowers. And we bought lots of it. :) Too fun. 

The day before the party, I cooked a sheet cake for the bottom and 3 different sizes of circular cakes to make the "mountain." Then we assembled it. I frosted the whole thing in green, except for the "river." 
Then the birthday girl directed the decorating--she instructed her younger sisters where every rock and log should go and they obliged, just happy to be allowed to help. :) 

The trees are my favorite part--I used the "leaf" frosting tip and added green to ice cream cones. The only problem was that all the kids wanted a tree slice! 

Anyway, fun cake. 

Fun party too!
Remember the drainage pond

Well, we had a wild, wet waterslide party into the pond. Her birthday just so happened to be the last day of our family reunion, so we had loads of family there to help celebrate. 

Too fun! 
We'll do that again for sure!
She did proclaim it to be the "best birthday party ever!"

The very next day was a more serious, special day for her as well. 

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and for members of our religion, turning 8 is significant because it is the age at which we believe people are old enough and mature enough to understand right from wrong and make commitments to God. They show their willingness to follow Him by being baptized, if they choose. She felt ready, and so we decided to have her baptism the very next day while family was still around.

Special day.
I am so proud of the person she is. She is completely delightful. She had more than one person tell her that she "was glowing" on her baptism day, and it was true--she had such a big, beautiful smile on her face that refused to be wiped off. She is kind and eager to do good in the world. She is an old soul, and I love her.