Monday, September 14, 2015

Apple Juice

Well, we have been doing all sorts of things with them, including making some fresh juice. 

This is the first year my girls LIKED the fresh, pulped apple juice. Yeah!

I was so happy when they wanted to drink it. We sprinkled some cinnamon in it and sipped it and smiled. 

 My youngest pretty much thought the whole experience was top marks--she is young enough that she didn't remember it in past years. She loved pushing the apples down the feed-tube with the plunger, but what she REALLY loved was snitching the fibrous apple pulp that came out the other end!

 (don't worry Grandma--I turned it off so it was safe!)

Man that juice is good!

After we juiced a bunch and drank a punch and even had some leftover to store in the fridge for another day, we decided to make a juice cocktail.

We used about a cup of fresh apple juice and juiced a medium-sized beet and a carrot (garden fresh of course!) right into that, then we divided it into some glasses and enjoyed. So healthy and so yummy!

The added beet juice really makes for some great mustache's too. :) 

I've also never been able to get my kids to enjoy the addition of beets and carrots into their juices, but this time they loved it! I think there was so much apple and such a relatively little amount of beet and carrot juice, that the overall taste was still very sweet and delicious. They loved it though and wanted more. Yay!

We're thinking that next year we may need an actual apple press....

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