Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Barn Construction

Construction on our barn is underway!

After much thinking, sketching, book reading, Pinterest perusing, and graph-paper planning, we have made the leap and started construction on our goat barn/chicken coop. 

It's been interesting to see how things change and adapt--we had all sorts of ideas and plans for this barn, but many of those plans got tossed aside for practical reasons and we finally committed on a long, all-in-one set up. There will be a place for the goats to winter, a place for the chickens to live (got to get them out of the garage!!!), a place to store the goats' hay and straw and a place to park the lawn mower (my husband is being very protective of his space in the shop--understandable so. He has big plans!).

So we made the plunge, and began the construction. 

So far, the kids (human and goat, ha ha) think we are building them a giant play platform. They (humans and goats) race from one end to the other, leaping and kicking and sliding all over the place. 

And peaking through. :)

So crazy cute!!!

These first pictures were from the end of August. 

Now, we have even more done. My husband has framed the whole thing in--all the walls and doors. Construction on the actually chicken coop is now underway. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Our youngest still likes to come out and play around while we are working on it. She thinks all the scraps of wood are blocks and spends lots of time sorting and stacking them. 

Gotta love her cute, messy face in this picture. She had just finished a smoothie popsicle-- blueberry plum.

This picture cracks me up. She was telling me that she didn't want any more pictures taken of her!

So far the most difficult thing of making the barn is actually just having the darn goats around. They are always underfoot and trying to eat everything. The plans my husband drew out on graph paper literally have a chunk eaten out of them. 
And when you try to push them away, they just think you are playing some super-great pushing game and come right back to push on you with their heads. Crazy things!

 I've been thoroughly impressed with my hubby though. I mean, this is quite the structure! I was impressed when he built the kids' swing set in our last house and the little cute chicken coop there, or when he finished the basement (you can see some of that here), but this is its very own, free-standing structure! Quite impressive. :)

We will also be very thankful to have it finished so we can have our lives back!! It has taken all of our weekends for awhile now. 


  1. Ah, yes. There's always another structure! I have four sheep, two goats, a sleeping shed, a hay shed, a tool shed and a Multi-purpose shed. Then there is the hay feeder with the roof to keep them dry while they eat. I think I would like a Mommy's Play House for Big Girl Cards and Refreshments...

    My favorite image is the goaties and the blonde goat herd. So CUTE!!!!!

  2. Cute stuff! looks like you are busy busy! what fun!


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