Sunday, September 20, 2015

Moving Day for the Chickies!

We have now completed enough of our barn that we can move the chicks into their home!

The kids have been waiting for this day all week!

This poor chicken photographed below has been the "lucky" chosen one to be my middle-child's favorite chicken. Her name is Easter and she gets packed around and doted upon as much as I'll let my daughter do it. Remember Elmyra from Loony Toons? Well, she's not QUITE that bad, but there is quite a similarity. 

Out of the garage....

...through the field...


...plop into the nesting boxes...

...and they made it!


The roof is not yet complete, so we decided to hang a tarp over it--more to protect them from the neighborhood hawk than from rain. :)

 The barn is coming along!!!
My favorite part is the nice darkly-stained wood around the coop portion. So pretty. :)

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  1. I always find that when I try to move a tarp outside--for whatever reason--there always manages to be a goat or two on top of it. Next time, can you please show a picture of the metal siding being installed? I am curious to see how it works. Thanks!


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