Monday, September 28, 2015

Roasted Plum Cardamom Ice Cream

There are 3 things to know about this post:
1. I have been really into making my own ice cream lately. 
It tastes SO good. 
It is fun. 
It is fresh.
You can control your ingredients. 
It tastes SO good!

2. I have A LOT of plums. 
As I mentioned in this post about the plum custard cake, we have 3 plum trees, and I have been making A LOT of plum stuff. So hey, why not try some plum ice cream, because, like I said above, I have been really into making my own ice cream lately!

3. I love cardamom.
It is such a nice, warm spice. I have been sprinkling it in our german pancakes and our homemade bread lately. It gives just the nicest, subtle (when you use a bit) flavor. Try it--you'll love it.  

So, basically when I saw this recipe for Roasted Plum Cardamom Ice Cream, it was pretty much destiny.

And look at that beautiful color! 

 This ice cream is so fun to eat--it teases your taste buds because it is cold, but it tastes warm due to the cardamom. Such a fun flavor combination--creamy ice cream, sweet and tangy plums, warm and spicy cardamom. It's my new favorite.

I followed Maria's recipe from Sift and Whisk pretty much exactly, except I did the following alterations:

I doubled it because I had no doubt it'd be delicious. You should double it too. :)

I use 2/3 cream and 1/3 2% milk rather than all cream like she did. It was still VERY creamy--maybe too creamy--almost waxy, so I think next time I'd do half cream, half milk.  

I also did not have cardamom halves, so I just sprinkled cardamom spice into the milk/cream/sugar mixture until it tasted good. :) Oh darn, you might have to taste it a few times....

Super fantastic recipe, so if you are into making your own ice cream, give it a go!


  1. YUM!!!! Would you save me some pits from uncooked fruit? I love to grow plums from seed. I have some wild plums from California that used to grow in my yard. After five years, they are about ready to blossom. What kind are they?

    1. The house we bought has several plum and apple trees, and I don't really know what they are, but I believe the ones I used for this recipe are an "Italian Prune Plum." I've had a few people tell me that's what they are, so that's what I am going with! :)


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