Monday, September 21, 2015

Spiced Plum Custard Cake

I am in love with this spiced plum custard cake! Deeply. It is quite possibly the yummiest thing I have ever put in my mouth! Sooo good. 

I mentioned that on apple harvest day, we also harvested a bunch of plums. We made plum jam and plum syrup, pear-plum pie and pear-plum breakfast crisp. And then I decided to give this baby a whirl, and it did not disappoint!

I was looking on the web for good-looking recipes to use for all my plums and settled on this one for Spiced Plum Custard Cake from The Baker Chick.  I'm glad I found her site--she has a plethora of fantastic looking baked goods, which of course I am a huge fan of. Who isn't?


Anyway, I first made this for my cousin who recently had a baby--I made two actually. One for them and one for us. Well, it didn't take but about 12 hours before I wanted more of it, so I made it again the very next weekend to take over to my mom's house for dinner, and once again it was well enjoyed. 

It's is kind of a fun different recipe. 
First you make a dry, crumbly, almost biscuit like mixture and press that into a spring-form pan and top it with a bunch of sliced, spiced plums. 
Then you bake it. 
Next you, add a custard mixture on top and bake it some more. 
Then, voila! Delicious, moist custard cake.

Who knew I'd like our plums so much? They have been a lot of fun to bake with and just to munch on. Tomorrow's agenda is to make fruit leather.  

And, maybe I'll make plum custard cake again. :) 
Just kidding. I wish I could, but alas, I'm going to try and hold off on having too many sweets this next week!

 Anyway, you really should give this recipe a try. 
Here is the link again.

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