Monday, October 26, 2015

Pink and White Crochet Blanket: Lacy Ripple

It wasn't just my youngest that got a new crochet afghan that matched her room perfectly. :) 
They all did! 

My middle daughter, who is 5, loves pink. Purple for the youngest, and pink all the way for this one. She loves all things pink and pretty, so I thought a lacy ripple afghan done in different shades of pink would be perfect for her.

And she loves it!

Alas, the pattern Great Grandma used for this was from an old book she had, so I cannot share it with you, but it is very similar to this pattern.

I really like how the shades of pink flow into each other. It matches her room and her personality really well.

Once again, many thanks to Great Grandma for making them for us!

Next time, I'll show my oldests'.

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