Saturday, October 24, 2015

Purple Crochet Blanket: Granny flowers

 I had this master plan to have my girls' rooms COMPLETE upon moving into our new house. 

I got surprisingly close, but alas, I did not have them finished. And, just as expected, we've been busy with other projects since moving in 3 1/2 months ago, and they are still not finished! 

With the coming of school and chillier days, I feel us moving more and more from spending our days entirely outside to doing more inside--we're not out picking apples anymore--we are inside juicing apples! I find myself thinking of "inside" projects more and more. And because of this, I am finding a renewed confidence that we will get those sweet girls' rooms done before too long. 

Last year my kids' great grandma helped me crochet floor poufs for them. It was fun, she seemed to enjoy the projects, and I lacked the skills necessary to crochet blankets myself, so once again I solicited her help in making some blankets to match my girls' rooms. Last week we finished all three of them and delivered them to my VERY excited girls. I was worried they wouldn't like their specific blanket that I had planned out for them, but they each loved their individualized blanket. Hurray!

Today I want to show you my youngest daughter's purple granny flower crochet blanket:

Didn't it turn out great!

I also ordered the yarn online, so I was pleased that the colors matched as well as I wanted them to. :)

Here is a "sneak peak" of what her walls are painted like. I love it!
They were old wood paneling, so it was very easy to use the lines to make stripes.  Here is a link to the post about the inspiration for this room (and the other girls' rooms).

Not only is the blanket adorable, matches her room and is nice and warm for a basement bedroom, she also LOVES it!

The way to this girl's heart is purple! I'm so glad she loves her blanket.
And I'm so glad for your help Great Grandma! Thank you again. 


  1. Hi, I love the purple blanket, do you have a pattern for this one?

    Emily, UK

  2. Sorry, I do not! I just kind of told Grandma what we wanted and she came up with this. :)


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