Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bowling with a Princess

Well, the little girl who I had the "bunny birthday cake brainstorm" for has had her birthday!

And she did indeed get her deepest heart's desire: a big purple bunny!

On the morning of her birthday I told her that she could wear whatever she wanted. 
"Even a Sunday dress?" she asked in amazement.

So yes, she wore the beautiful lavender dress that her grandma made for her all day long. It was quite the sight to see when we went to her activity of choice--bowling. ("bombing" is what she asked to do at first--it took us awhile to figure out that she wanted to go bowling.) 

Heavy ball!

 This is my cute nephew--everytime he bowled, he would watch his ball roll down the lane is this position--ankles crossed, leaning on the ramp. It was pretty cute. :)

Such a sweet little princess in her fancy dress and bowling shoes. :)

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