Wednesday, November 4, 2015

French Knot Bunny Rabbit Embroidery

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you will have noticed that I have taken to doing embroidery over the last few years. I really love it!
I love how, like drawing or painting, you start with a blank "canvas" and then start adding color to it. With embroidery, each stitch seems to add so much bold color. It is especially fun to make projects for my girls--to make them bright and whimsical. 

I enjoyed the embroidery wall gallery I made for their toy room so much, that I decided it would be fun to make another one for my youngest daughter's room. She is almost 3-years-old now, and her two favorite things in the world are bunny rabbits and the color purple, so that is the inspiration for the embroidery projects.

Here is the first embroidery hoop bunny I want to show--the French Knot Bunny.

I really like cute little french knots, and I had seen these negative space shapes and quite liked them, so I decided to do something similar. Then, voila! I saw a cute french knot bunny that was perfect, so I decided to make one as well. :)


 I made a simple bunny outline (looks rather like a peep!), and then I filled it full of french knots in the colors that would coordinate with her room.

I also did the entire project while sitting in the car for long road trips. :) It was a perfect way to pass the time--enjoyable and one step closer to decorating her room!

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