Monday, November 9, 2015

Little Girls Yellow Nature Room

Today I wanted to share my 5-year-old daughter's (mostly-complete) bedroom. 
I love the butter-soft yellow walls, the sweet nature-ish wall decals, her pom-pom garland and her canopy tucked in the corner with many of her stuffed animals where she can play.

She is rather proud of some of the items here--the yellow embroidery project she did all on her own (when she was not yet 5-years-old!) and the fairy picture--it was a sticker-by-number that she did and loves. :)

This canopy was first in my oldest daughter's room, way back when she was only 2 and she was an only child. After that, it was modified for my youngest daughter's nursery, and then in this house it was modified yet again for its final resting place in my middle daughter's room. ;) 

I love the pom-pom garland. :)

We found all sorts of fun wall decals on Amazon and bought a few coordinating sets. 

This beautiful blanket is the most recent edition to the room. ;)

I'm still looking for the right lamp to put on her night stand, and she is certain that I need to paint her ceiling sky blue so that her room truly looks like "a garden." Over all though, the room is complete and we both are happy with how it turned out. 

It fits her personality well too--it plays to her love all this beautiful and also to her love of nature and animals.



  1. We painted our living room ceiling blue and LOVE it! My girls have a garden room too with blue walls. She's really on to something there.


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