Friday, January 29, 2016

Our latest addition

Meet Buddy, the latest addition to our little family. 

Isn't he the most adorable dog? Ever?

He is SOOO soft and fluffy and such a good dog. You can tell he is a smarty and will train well. He tries to exert self-control all the time when we say no or tell him to sit or whatever. And he's just a sweetie. 
We got him for the kids, but I'm getting awfully attached to him. :) 
 He is a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, so he should be smart and good with the animals and kids. 
I'm hoping he'll be my running buddy. 

I also got a cute shot of our goats all lined up--they have these paths they walk on in perfect single-file. It make sense that they do this when the ground is covered in snow, but they did it in the summer too. 

 And here is my middle daughter, whom we sometimes call "The Goat Whisperer." 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good morning sunshine!

Sunrise on our little slice of land was glorious this morning. :) 

It was still quite dark outside, but the rising sun set the horizon a flame!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Rainbow Crochet Afghan

Awhile ago I shared some beautiful afghans that my girls' great grandmother crocheted for them.
(links below if you are interested)

They all turned out so lovely! They are warm and adorable and match their rooms perfectly. 

They are all great, but this one is my favorite. I LOVE how it turned out!

Look at all those great colors!!

We used the same yarn for her pom-pom garland.
(And here is the link to her sister's finished room with pom-pom garland. Alas this brightly-colored room is still not quite finished. Almost.)

I love the colors, I love the stripes, and I love the cute little polka dot effect this blanket has. 
It goes so well with her curtains--you can get a glimpse of them in this image below.

Here is the up-close so you can see the adorable details:

 The other two great-grandma crocheted for my girls were the pink lacy ripple afghan

What lucky girls I have!!!
Thanks again great-grandma. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to make a candy-filled cake for Valentine's day

Last Valentine's I wanted to make a special dessert for my girls. 

My husband and I had plans, but for them, I thought they would get a big kick out of a candy-filled cake. 

And I was right. They thought it was such a beautiful cake, but then when we cut into it, they squealed with delight. :)

They are actually quite simple to make. 

First, you have to bake a sheet cake in a jelly roll pan. Now, ideally you will have heart cookie-cutters that will work just perfectly, but if not, you can cut out paper versions to use as templates and just use a knife. 

You will need two solid hearts for the top and bottom, plus 3 or so hearts with the center cut out where you can fill it with candy. 

Once the pieces are cut, start stacking!

Put a solid piece on the bottom, and the hollow pieces in the middle. 

Once all the hollow pieces are stacked up, it is ready to be filled.

Once filled, just put the solid piece on top and frost it! I wanted to give it an extra nice fancy touch, so I also baked a little cake in a ramekin and cut it into the shape of a heart to put on top of the cake. What little girl doesn't love tiered cakes???

 It was a success and rather fun to make too. 

Now...what to do for this year???