Sunday, April 10, 2016


I caught this great moment this weekend between my nephew and his grandpa. 
So sweet! I love how they are both so fixated on each other. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

American River Confluence

Ah, spring break spent somewhere sunny and warm. 
What a delight and welcome break from our windy, cold spring!

I think March is the perfect time to go to California--I don't think I've ever seen it so GREEN.
We went to go visit my husband's sister and her family and had a nice time, even if it was faster than we wanted. (Felt like we spent as much time in the car coming and going as we did there!)

They have a beautiful little walkway on the side of their house that was just FULL of lush ferns and flowers. So pretty. 

We also went on a really nice hike while we were there at the American River Confluence area . We reveled in how green, warm and beautiful everything was. It was the first time in months any of us Idahoans had seen a flower, and we loved it! 

 What a great trip. And, lucky for us, when we got back to Idaho, the weather has been beautiful as well. Our grass is turning green, the dandelions are blossoming and I've been happily making preparations for my gardens! The kids and I planted a whole bunch of little teddy bear sunflower seeds today--probably too early, but I didn't care! Worst case scenario they get nipped by the inevitable frost that will come and it was a fun, inexpensive activity. But if they survive the next few months, then it'll also be adorable come summer!