Monday, July 4, 2016

For the love of nature

I love spending time outside. Truly, anywhere outside is usually better than inside, but to really be loving life, I like to go to the mountains. 
The quiet, the seclusion, the smell, the sunshine, the intangible energy and quality of being in the mountains is wonderful. 
I wish it wasn't so hard to take the time and effort to get there, but at least we did get there recently. 
We went on a family camping trip to an area we know well, but to a whole new spot. We were the only ones around, and it was beautiful, and it was great. 

We were nestled deep down in a lush ravine of sorts, so there were only a few hours at mid-day where the sun was shining down on us. 

We did the usual--cooked over a campfire and explored around. 

Yes, there are few things messier than taking kids camping, but it is worth every mess.

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