Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Family Halloween Costume Idea: Super Heros!

This year we decided to save the world and be Super Heros!!!

This was such a fun Halloween costume theme.
Everyone got to pick their own super power. We had the ability to fly, the ability to create and control flames, incredible speed, "star" power for the baby, "super" power for me, and my personal favorite--unicorn power. She can totally create rainbows. ;) 

Here is a rundown of how the costumes were made. 
1. leggings and long sleeved tops. Sometimes they matched, sometimes they didn't. I just let everyone choose. 
2. For their super hero symbols, I made stencils from freezer paper, and it worked great.  
3. For the capes, I just bought some exercise/swimsuit fabric and then turned one end over and sewed a "tube" to put the tie through that would go around the neck. For the "tie"I simply cut off the last 1.5 inches of fabric from the end of their capes. 
4. The belts were a must, and I think really "made" the costumes. Again I used extra fabric from their capes and just tied them in the back. My husband's belt band is actually a matte-colored ribbon. :) Their "buckles" are actually a cold cereal box cut up and painted. For the symbols on the belts, I printed their symbols off onto cardstock and mod podged them onto the painted paperboard. 
5. Then for the finishing touches, we just wore our rain boots (a must around our little hobby farm) and ordered some cheap sweatbands from Amazon.  

I think they turned out fun and the girls were all able to help make them, so that made it easier for me and fun for everyone!

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