Saturday, February 4, 2017

Yellow Flower Abstract Painting

So, it's been winter here in Idaho for a loooooong, loooooooooooong time. 
I took down my Christmas decorations and my house looked nice and clean and neutral and...colorless. I looked out the window, and the snow was beautiful and clean and....colorless.  

I needed some color! A bright happy color.
So, I went to town, bought myself some yellow pillows, decor and looked high and low for some yellow wall art, but couldn't find anything I wanted. Looked online, couldn't find anything I wanted, so I headed to town and bought a canvas, determined to do it myself!

I didn't really have a plan...or at least a good one.  I tried a few different ideas on A LOT of little papers in my kitchen and finally settled on this. I'd seen a few abstract yellow flowers and swirls and such online, so I went with this. I was nervous to actually get the paint onto the canvas, but once I started, it came together how I wanted it to and was SUPER FUN!!
I've decided I need to paint more in my life. On big canvases. Any painting is fun, but there was something particularly releasing about getting a big ol' canvas and a big ol' paint brush and laying it on thick.

And now my room has bright, happy yellow in it and every time I see it, I smile. :) 
Yay for color!

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