Sunday, February 4, 2018

First Attempt: Goat Milk Soap!

We have been happily enjoying our baby goats for several months now--so long in fact that they don't look so much like babies any more!

Here is the post from when they were born, but now they are not a whole lot smaller than their mothers.


I've said it before, but goats are just the sweetest, most gentle animals I've ever been around. Truly, there is no better pet for kids! (haha, no pun intended!)
Pretty much every morning I head outside with my girls and milk the goats while they collect eggs, feed and water all the other animals. We finally had enough extra goat milk that we decided to try making some goat milk soap. 

We used the recipe from DIY Natural, and so far it seems to have worked just great! We are still waiting for the pH to balance out and for the soap to be usable, but the recipe was simple, easy to follow and by all accounts has worked well so far. 

  I can hardly wait to try the soap out and see how it feels!

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