Monday, February 12, 2018

Tapping Box Elder Trees

The day that I found out that I'd be dead before any Sugar Maples I planted would be big enough to tap and get syrup was a sad day for me.
 How wonderful would it be to get your own maple syrup!!!

Well, a few years later we learned that Boxelder trees, which are oh-so-plentiful here in Southeast Idaho, are acutally "Boxelder Maples" and can be tapped for syrup! Yay! 

Apparently the flavor of Boxelder Maple syrup is a little more butterscotch-like. Sounds good to me! 
My mom has a lot of Boxelders in her yard, so we are giving it a go! We bought spiles, food-grade tubing and glass jugs to put the sap in. 

It was quite the fun day for the kids; they loved tasting the sap that came out of the spiles. Although, don't tell them, but it tasted just like water. :) 


Quite the little adventure for us!!


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