Wednesday, July 3, 2019

First irrigation day of the season!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: irrigation day is the best! It was fun to see my youngest experience it for the first time this season--man he loved it!!! All the kids did--all the way up to my oldest who is almost 12; even she was out there in the mud and water. :)

This season has given me ample opportunity to TRY to focus on what is important and what is not. Take this photo below for example. Truly, what a happy, adorable child. The picture fills my mother heart with contentment and confidence that I am living the right life for us. IF I focus on the happy, playful child. 
If, however, as I have been prone to do more than usual this spring, I look at all those weeds behind and around her, my heart starts to tighten, and I could easily become anxious. I have truly reached a point where there REALLY is to much for me to do. I can't do it. WE can't do it--even as a family and all of us working hard, we can not get everything done that needs to be done. Even if I was to get less sleep than I already am. So what are we to do? I'm still not sure where and when to draw the line--to throw in the towel for yard work that day and just enjoy, but at some point I know it needs to be done, and I'm trying to find that balance.  Yesterday I worked these kids' little hiney's off--hoeing, weeding, you name it. We worked and worked and got hot and sweaty and then we all sat in the shade of our cherry tree and ate delicious strawberry pops. It was a beautiful moment with them full of contentment, and I'm glad that day that we worked hard and we relaxed hard and enjoyed this beautiful life of ours. 

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