Monday, May 25, 2020

Pruning Raspberries

Spring time is raspberry-pruning time around our little farm. 
I know a lot of people say to do it in the fall, but I find fall harvest time to be really busy and I think pruning raspberries is much easier in the spring--not only because I have more time and inclination to do it, but also because it is easier to see which stalks need to be pruned out.


Look at what a mess these raspberries are! 
You can see to the left-hand side the row that we already finished pruning and even from this angle, you can see that it looks much better than this row here in the middle. 

After pruning out all the dead canes, the rows look so much more clean and ready to grow!

 Feels so great to have the rows looking clean and ready to go. 
We are down to our last few cups of frozen raspberries, so it seems that we did a pretty good job rationing them out. :)

And look at the size of that pile of dead canes! Let me tell ya, when it ignited, it burned fast and hot. 


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