Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Sourdough bread

For Christmas this year, I acquired all sorts of sour-dough bread baking supplies, and oh how I've enjoyed it! 

Look at how lovely this rustic sourdough loaf turned out.


And it is soooo delicious! Crispy crust with a soft interior. It is truly amazing, and I feel like I can say this because it is also truly easy. So much easier than making traditional loaf-style bread. I was always intimidated by these rustic sourdough loaves because I knew it took a few days, but overall it is much less time.

When I first started making sourdough, I literally made a loaf (or two) every single day. I think that was part of my secret of success. By making a loaf everyday for weeks, I really got good at knowing what was going on. 
I just kept my sourdough on the counter, so everyday I'd need to either discard some and feed it, OR use some to start a loaf of bread and feed the rest. 

To make a loaf, the time process is as follows:
1. The night before, mix up the dough.Takes ~10 minutes.
2. Morning of baking, shape the loaves. Takes ~ 5 minutes.
3. Afternoon of baking, heat oven, score the top, and bake. Takes ~45 minutes.

And that's it! About 20 minutes total of hands-on time. Easy peasy.

 It has been so rewarding and so delicious. I think making the bread is fun, beautiful, and fulfilling. And eating it is pretty great too. :) 

Fried egg on toasted sourdough? sooo good.
French toast with sourdough? sooo good. 
Sourdough sandwhiches? sooo good.
Sourdough with a slice of cheese? sooo good.
Sourdough with a bowl of soup? sooo good. 

The list goes on and on.

 My only experience was following the instructions that I was given for Christmas, so I would highly recommend the book I used: Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilia Raffa.

Like I said, I've been making a lot of bread, so there will be lots more pictures to come. :)

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