I'm Emily. A bit about me... most importantly I have an amazing husband and an increadibly handsome boy and adorable little girl. I'm a perfectionist trying not to be, I let my husband do most of the worrying, I can't spell, and I think a day on the beach is a bit of heaven. I've always considered myself an artist. I mean always. I remember winning a Toys R Us giftcard as a kid and I bought markers. Best Christmas present: a whole ream of paper to myself. I even remember getting in trouble more than once for trading homework (I'll do your art project, you finish my geography). So when it came time for college guess what I majored in. Now that I'm home most of the time I try to find ways to keep the creative juices flowing. This in one of those ways!

Hi, I'm Jaime and I have THREE truly adorable girls and one truly caring husband. I just hit my 30-year-mark, but I still wear two ponytails in my hair. I like to wear knit skirts because they feel like sweatpants but look like I got dressed up. When I bake cookies I usually eat enough to consider it a meal. I love nothing more than those blissful moments with my girls when everyone is happy, needs are met, and we are all fully in the present. I vacillate somewhere between bright colors and having everything in various shades of brown and cream. I write lists--lots of them. I worry too much, but I'm working on that. I worry that I'll never learn to relax. :)  I consider myself a runner.  I like the outdoors. I like to create things. I like to discover. In a former life, before children, I was a scientist. Now, I like to think of everyday as a canvas--what shall we create of it?


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